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About us

A Targeted Approach

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Full Service Information Technology Solutions, not just products…

Whether you are a startup reference laboratory looking to purchase all new systems or an established hospital lab looking to technology as the answer to your problems, let Kainos Healthcare Solutions help. We have experienced staff with both Information Technology and Clinical backgrounds ready to meet any demands your laboratory may have. When you are trying to hire laboratory staff, validate new testing methods, and create laboratory workflow processes the last thing you want to worry about is purchasing and deploying new technologies and hiring dedicated IT staff to maintain it. Kainos Healthcare Solutions can help you with the purchase, deployment, documentation, project management and maintenance of any system you may need. You have already spent your time and money researching, calling, waiting for call backs, but what you really need is a solution and that’s where Kainos can help.

We at Kainos Healthcare Solutions understand that time is your most precious resource and you need technology to work for you, not the other way around

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Our approach

Kainos brings together information and medical technology to help healthcare companies succeed.

Our Expertise

  • Laboratory Consulting

    • QC Data Review
    • Documentation of Corrective Actions
    • Log Monitoring
    • Testing Oversight
    • CLIA Survey Contact
    • Record Maintenance
    • Staff Competency Evaluations
  • Data

    • ETL and Data mining services
    • Data Warehousing
    • Database maintenance
    • Custom data reporting
  • Laboratory Software Implementations
    and Integrations

    • Installation and architecture planning of LIS/LIMS software
    • Administration of LIS or LIMS via Virtual Administrator
    • Instrument interfacing and vendor negotiations
    • Middleware configuration and maintenance
    • EHR/EMR integration and maintenance
  • Procurement Consultation

    • Hardware
    • Software
    • Reagent
  • Custom Software Development

    • Corporate Websites
    • Portal
    • Web Applications
    • Instrument Interfaces
    • Automation Control Systems
    • Custom Reporting Solutions
  • Regulatory and Compliance

    • Documentation Inspection
  • Marketing and Branding

    • Print Material
    • Digital Presence
    • Logo Design
    • Palette Selection


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How Can Kainos Healthcare Solutions Help You?

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The technologies you use will be the heart of your laboratory operations and because of this we want to leverage our experience and expertise to help you succeed.

Working with a recent startup laboratory it was paramount that a new LIS, billing and reporting engine be found within budget and a non-flexible timeline. Kainos Healthcare Solutions was able to determine exactly what features were needed and help create a lab workflow to determine the perfect system. Kainos Healthcare Solutions helped to install, document, configure, train laboratory staff and maintain the system, all while creating custom applications that fit their specific needs. The client was so pleased with the superior customer service Kainos Healthcare Solutions provided that they immediately hired us to continue supporting their solution long term.

The perfect solution for you may not exist, but it could…

A laboratory, who although satisfied with their LIS and outreach products, were having difficulties finding a reporting solution that would allow them to utilize their complex comment matrix, but were unable to find the perfect product. While reaching out to other labs to determine what products they use, an existing client was able to refer them to Kainos Healthcare Solutions. Kainos Healthcare Solutions designed and developed the report the business needed and within the expected delivery date. Having been so impressed with the quality and timeliness of Kainos Healthcare Solutions the clients have since hired us to continue working with them on interfacing all of their new billing and instrument interfaces.

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